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A client from the Midwest, and who owns an impressive art collection, was building a second home in Vail, Colorado. I was commissioned to design several pieces for their new home, one of which was the main entry. He and his wife had flown out to be there when we installed the entry, as he […]

Made the book

Sometime after I had completed several commissioned pieces for a new home, I received a copy of a book the architectural firm had published of their select work. Accompanying the book was a note from the project architect. In it he said, “Wayne…. [this] residence probably would not have made it into the book without […]

Always good to hear that

I was visiting with a contractor in Aspen, Colorado with whom I have worked on several projects, including work for his own home. After the meeting, his wife came in and he introduced the two of us along with the comment: “Wayne makes us look good!”

Surprises are always fun

A client, his wife, and their architect had flown in to visit my studio. After introductions, and showing them around the studio, we began our discussions and went over the design and materials for the work that I would be doing for their new home. While we were meeting, the client’s wife moved throughout the […]

When it all works out

I was completing a commissioned bronze bas-relief for a couple. Before welding in the final pieces, I felt that I needed to have them come to the studio to look at a possible change that I felt would take the piece from a really good piece to an exceptional piece. They came to the studio […]

Over and above

I was asked to design a new entry for a home in a resort community. Design and price were agreed upon and work commenced. It took a bit longer to complete than I had expected because I was not satisfied with the original patina and did it over until it was what I felt it […]

The Denver Art Museum

I participated in a show at the Denver Art Museum.  It was a three-day show and I noticed one person in particular who returned to my exhibit several times each day.  She would stand at a distance and look at my work from different angles.  Finally on the last day of the show, she came […]

Aspen Art Museum

Aspen Art Museum:  This was a three-day show.  On the second day of the show I noticed a lady standing at a distance looking at my work.  After some time she came up and read the printed material that I had.  Her comment:  “Longmont, Colorado!   What are you doing there?”  My response:  “Rearing my family.  […]