The Denver Art Museum

I participated in a show at the Denver Art Museum.  It was a three-day show and I noticed one person in particular who returned to my exhibit several times each day.  She would stand at a distance and look at my work from different angles.  Finally on the last day of the show, she came up to me and said,  “Each time I look at your work I see something that I did not notice before.  Thank you!”

On the opening night of that show I overheard one lady saying to her husband, “When we get rich and famous, that can be our conference table or perhaps our dining table.”

Another lady approached me near the end of the show and said,  “It must trouble you to see so many finger prints on your work.”  She was referring to the glass top on one of the sideboards.  My comment:  I’m pleased that people feel such about my work that they would want to touch it.  Hopefully this means that it has touched them.”