I have known Wayne for 15 years, and am honored by the opportunity to provide a testimonial for his caliber of work, skill, and craftsmanship.

Working with Wayne Brungard is an exquisite journey into the world of artistic sculpture and design.  Wayne’s thoughtfulness is apparent in every detail of his work.  From the scale and proportions, to the finish and accents… the end result exceeds expectations!

A timeless sense of design and eloquence is the backbone of his work.  He excels through an intuitive, instinctual process producing working sculptures from furniture and area rugs to doors and stairs.  Passionate artistry reflects this man’s soulful, gentle spirit with deep respect for listening to the client’s vision and then crafting magic.

I am happy to elaborate further, please feel free to contact me with any questions about Wayne and his work.

Annette Stelmack

In my 37 years of working construction nonstop, with thousands of men on dozens of projects, I have known only two men whom I consider true masters of their craft.  One is Wayne Brungard.  His creations are beautiful, absolutely flawless in the fabrication and finish.

Carl Perry, Hansen Construction
Aspen, CO

Original, innovative, visionary and inspired are the first four words that come to mind if someone asked me to describe the design process with Wayne Brungard.  For a project in the Colorado Rockies, we had the opportunity to create beautiful, functional and striking sculptural elements. mixing metal and stone with outdoor fires.  The results were stunning.  Wayne does not follow the usual norms when asked to collaborate on a piece….one can expect an extraordinary and outstanding creation.

Gari Sprott, Interior Designer
San Antonio, Texas

Wayne is an artist, in the truest sense of the word.

While he looks like he could step in tomorrow as a middle linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he is a quiet, thoughtful, contemplative, self-effacing individual who is as committed to his art as anyone I know.  Wayne is continually experimenting with new ways to use materials, and studying meaningful forms, shapes and textures.

During my thirty-five years of practicing architecture in the Vail Valley and beyond, Wayne has creatively designed architectural elements for several of my projects.  The doors, wall surfaces, and other architectural elements on which we’ve collaborated have been true pieces of sculpture.  They are not decoration.  They are fine art, integrated pieces of the whole.

I hope that one day you may have the pleasure of having Wayne design for you.  Your life will be richer if you do.

Jim Morter FAIA, Morter Architects
Vail, CO – Austin, TX