Wayne in his studio
Wayne Brungard’s hand-crafted bas-reliefs, functional sculptures and architectural art does more than furnish a space; it defines the space. Using various natural materials, Wayne creates bold custom sculptures and architectural elements with a contemporary aesthetic and an emphasis on superior quality, attention to detail, and precision finish.

A self-taught metal artist and experienced fabricator, Wayne has more than 35 years of experience creating custom metal art.  His enduring commitment to his work has afforded him an especially fine set of skills and a distinctive style. With his knowledge, wisdom, and depth of experience, Wayne creates a wide range of space-defining architectural elements, from entryways and staircases to furniture and large-scale fine-art sculptures.

Wayne incorporates a variety of natural materials in his functional sculpture as well as his fine art sculpture, including metal, wood, stone, and glass. In particular, he has been drawn toward bronze for its versatility and ability to achieve unique textures, surface finishes, and patinas.  He often refers to his work in bronze, especially his bronze bas-reliefs, as “painting in bronze.” Bronze is an unexpected material, especially for furniture design, but his results are very striking, regal, elegant, and sculptural.

Even Wayne’s fully functional furniture transcends function, working equally well as stand-alone art pieces, e.g., his bronze rug and sideboard.  One art critic said Wayne’s African Padauk and glass-topped table “must be one of the most beautiful tables in the state—and possibly North America and beyond.” Wayne’s style, in his furniture as well as his sculpture, is monumental in nature with simple yet powerful lines.

Wayne collaborates with architects, designers, art consultants, and homeowners to create custom architectural art and custom metal art for specific clients and specific environments whether homes, businesses, or public places.

Trained in both woods and metals, Wayne has chosen to work primarily in metal as it allows him more flexibility in achieving the desired aesthetics and, gives Wayne an ever-expanding range of textures and surface finishes with an amazing range of patinas.

Contact Wayne at studio@waynebrungard.com or 303-443-4801 to discuss your needs.