When it all works out

I was completing a commissioned bronze bas-relief for a couple. Before welding in the final pieces, I felt that I needed to have them come to the studio to look at a possible change that I felt would take the piece from a really good piece to an exceptional piece. They came to the studio and as I held a sample of the proposed change in place, they took one look and said, “That part needs to be cast glass doesn’t it?” I agreed. They asked if it could be done? With the successful completion of a larger sample and the color of the glass decided upon, they said, “Let’s do it!”

Because of this change in the piece, the installation did not happen before their new home was completed. When the piece was completed, arrangements were made with the husband to install the piece while they were out of town. Returning from their trip, she was unaware the installation had been completed, until she entered their home late on a Friday. Saturday I received a phone call from them. He introduced himself and said that he and his wife were sitting in the great room and that she wanted to speak with me. (With that, of course, I had to swallow the lump in my throat.) Her comment, “Wayne, it is incredible! I knew it was going to be good, but it is more than I expected.”